Original casino game Card Roulette features unique “Neighbours” betting

When we say “other” as in “other roulette games,” OpenBet’s Card Roulette is exactly the sort of example to use. Though employing the familiar wheel and table formats, numbered pockets are replaced by a virtual deck of 54 playing cards (the standard 52-card deck plus orange and green jokers).

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How to play "Card Roulette" ?

Wagering is basically similar to that of standard roulette, as adapted for Hoyle; payouts, too, have been shifted. Winning on red or black gets the expected 2x payout, while successfully wagering on a single card earns a 52x payout.
The first 12/second 12/third 12 bets give way to A-5/6-10/”picture” card wagering, but this last, least likely outcome pays 4x on wins. The card suit may also be bet upon with a 4x payout possible.
And OpenBet even throws in an interesting feature in creating “Neighbour” bets similar to those in traditional French-style roulette.

Play roulette but in slightly different fashion with RouletteDirect’s stock of “other” online roulette games. A decent antidote for the rouletted-out feeling.

Software: OpenBet

The same, yet different – that’s Card Roulette. Instantly recognizable to the seasoned table-game player is this online game’s wheel and table, but gameplay is subtly variant, with playing cards replacing plain ol’ numbers from 0 to 36.
Betting on the ace of spades, jack of hearts and orange joker in Card Roulette…