Roulette online – European, American, French and other versions

With a history going back to the 1700s, modern roulette has the distinction of being the oldest game in the casino – and the online casino, too. Today, high-tech internet technology helps add excitement and vitality to “The Devil’s Game,” and online casinos often support multiple versions of roulette for its players. RouletteDirect brings you everything you need to know roulette online – plus dozens of games from top software producers hosted right here for free play.
Common variations at the online casino include “European” (standard) and “American” (on which a double zero is added to the wheel) version, plus the occasional addition of “Mini Roulette” or original wheel games.

Though the standard, more private version of the game will surely never wane in enthusiasts with the typical rich graphics and excellent sound, live-dealer roulette is also seeing increasing popularity, as the social element of roulette is reintroduced with chatting and interaction with a typically nice-looking lady is made possible in this variation.

For some great versions of online roulette of all types, please see the provided list of roulette games and major variations listed below – all may be played right here for free.

Players of online roulette should remember that this is a game of luck and that the result of each spin of the wheel is independent of previous outcomes. No real “system” to beat roulette exists, despite what some people may claim.
Considering that there really are only two types of roulette that are internationally established (American and European) and that the only difference between them is an extra pocket, it’s truly incredible how many variations exist on roulette online. Try a few as listed above.
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