Online roulette variations – Different takes on the casino classic

Online today you can find some interesting variations of roulette. The main versions that exist in real table games are European, American, and French roulette. These days it’s possible to play Russian roulette but not for long since the odds aren’t so great and you can only play once or twice without having a splitting headache. It’s safe to say that the online versions are great variations of the same games. European Gold Roulette and Roulette Royal from Microgaming appear to have some interesting bonuses.

With Roulette Royal it plays with a progressive jackpot making it stand apart from the others while European Gold allows call bets to be placed. The other online tables are all very much the same as the original games. The American roulette is the only one that carries the double zero in the wheel. The only difference between European roulette and European Gold is once again the call bets. This is where the bets are placed in specific sections that cover the roulette wheel. These games usually are only found in European and French roulette but not so common for the online games.  In the Microgaming version, when you want to place a call bet, you can use the neighbor call bet bar and this will allow that special function in the playing options. After it’s activated, this allows the bets to be placed as call bets. Otherwise it’s the same game as European roulette.

There are always new versions that give different angles and the look and quality of the newer roulette slots are very impressive as if you were in the game room itself. Aside from being in a real casino, the virtual version is well worth the fun.

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