Top-line Devil’s Game playing in European Roulette Gold

The world leader in online casino game software touts its “Gold” series of table games as some of the slickest anywhere for the high-roller, and RouletteDirect won’t dispute that -- Well worth your spins, European Roulette Gold is the company’s big-deal version of the table game classic.

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How to play "European roulette gold" ?

Microgaming’s European Roulette Gold plays like standard roulette with the top-notch graphics and sounds you’d expect from the industry leader. The green of the virtual felt looks a little faded -- as though it’d been through the washing machine a couple times too often -- but ultimately this makes the numbers on the table stand out more impressively.
The particular numbers get somewhat washed out when the wheel is in motion; programmers might have made the revolution a bit slower here, but no matter: Helpfully provided near the right corner is a closeup view of the wheel as it slows -- to capture that excitement of the lazy ball “deciding” in which pocket to rest.
Though not explicitly a French roulette game, this one even provides a small betting space for the neighbor-style wagering characteristic of La Republique’s version.

European roulette is actually the original modern version of the Devil’s Game. With the inexorable rise of Las Vegas and Vegas-style gambling, however, the more house advantageous version has gained equal traction worldwide. RouletteDirect advises that you play with better odds and play European.

Software: Microgaming

European Roulette Gold even includes a paean for those into betting in French fashion: Those “neighbor” wagering combinations are also available to play in this excellent entry at the virtual casino.
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