Playing European roulette, the table game staple

Some people in America are just now learning that there are two basic versions of roulette! It’s true: There are different variations but not too much was changed from the original. Actually it’s quite a pleasant surprise that the house odds are in your favor to play this version with a house advantage of 2.70%, rather than the typical 5.26% you see in the American game. Besides that, the wheel’s numbers are spaced in a different combination, which is random numbers from 1-36.

The most noticeable is the missing double zero on the wheel. It’s also the only green found on the wheel which makes the odds better than losing twice on a green. With American roulette you’ll find that the wheel has the odd numbers on one side of the wheel and the even placed on the opposite side. The problem with this spacing is all in the odds. Placing a numbered bet means 35 to 1 which should be an even bet except that the double zero changes the odds so that there is still a chance you might just end up with a zero.

With European roulette the game allows an even bet that the ball will always land on odd and even, or red and black. No rocket science here, just fantastically fun plays every way you look at it. Most American casinos don’t offer a European roulette table anywhere near their casinos which is why the online casino market offers both versions. There’s always something that is popular about both games. If house odds are more of your interest you’ll love the Euro version but if you like taking chances and a variation of the classic game, the American wheel is yours. Both versions offer the same waging risks for the board featuring the inside and outside bets, odds and evens, and the red and blacks. And even though roulette is more popular in Europe than in the US, the internet has brought them closer together than ever before.

European roulette is actually the original modern version of the Devil’s Game. With the inexorable rise of Las Vegas and Vegas-style gambling, however, the more house advantageous version has gained equal traction worldwide. RouletteDirect advises that you play with better odds and play European.
Spin the wheel in European Roulette and keep this fingers crossed. After all, unless you’re Lola and blessed with a super-powered scream, it’s all a game of luck…
Going Continental at the virtual casino in European Roulette...