American Roulette adapted picture-perfect for online casino milieu

Let’s face it: Beyond providing a secure environment with smooth gameplay and appropriately generous match bonuses, there’s not much the average internet casino can do with standard blackjack games. Having said this, the success of a given online roulette game mainly depends on clear displays and ease of gameplay.

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How to play "American roulette" ?

In these areas, BetSoft has produced a version of American Roulette that the aficionados will definitely want to check out. Primarily known for its distinctively-designed range of 3D slot games, BetSoft programmers applied their knowhow in this roulette game to produce a beautiful display for The Devil’s Game.
The table in this particular American Roulette is a bird’s eye view allowing the entire table to be seen. The wheel itself is stunningly captured in rich detail and is three-dimensionally represented in the display’s top left corner. The betting table is set at an angle to fill out the rectangular screen and to put all the betting stations within clear view. And just as good are the rich sound effects backing it all up.

In short, this American Roulette is one nice package suitable for all online roulette fans.

The differences in American roulette are simple: The wheel contains an extra pocket and the house advantage has been doubled. For flashy and slick versions of the Devil’s Game, Las Vegas style, see above for many examples from top software producers.

Software: BetSoft

Of course, beyond the graphics, this American Roulette plays like the rest: Wager on individual numbers, even/odd, black/red, etc. And as always, look out for that nasty “00” pocket!
Enjoying the 3D stylings of BetSoft’s American Roulette at the online casino…