On the rules and gameplay of American Roulette games

Talk about a game that’s gotten around from Europe and back again. American roulette was first introduced in the late 1800s by settlers who knew this game was a surefire hit. The Devil’s Game was now about to get a total makeover with some very interesting additions. Unlike the original European version this game allows a double zero on the wheel which lowers the odds of winning. The odds for American roulette are 5.26% and gave the house an advantage for keeping their bets from being lost. Though a sour reception at first this game never lost its interest as a game that seemed to call players to the wheel everywhere there was a roulette wheel to be played. The numbers on the American version are also different from the European wheel as well. Numbers are placed opposite to each other over the wheel itself whereas the euro version has randomly placed numbers on the wheel.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter what layout the wheel has, the game is still very simple to understand. Outside bets are very easy since betting on colors, dozens, rows and evens or odds make the payout wins lower in value. Inside bets are more involved but not too much more than that. Single numbers or combinations of numbers provide better payout but the probability is more risky as well. Those who have studied the game will know that betting between groups of 4 numbers at a time has a higher chance of winning a portion back if bets are placed with strategy and timing. Since the numbers on the wheel don’t go any higher than 36, the pocket for green and the zero and double zeros still make the game just as lively and entertaining as the European counterpart. Perhaps this is why you can still see American roulette being played across the world.

The differences in American roulette are simple: The wheel contains an extra pocket and the house advantage has been doubled. For flashy and slick versions of the Devil’s Game, Las Vegas style, see above for many examples from top software producers.
In American Roulette, make the traditional bets – even/odd; red/black; first 12/second 12/third 12; et cetera – and then hope that evil double zero doesn’t ruin your chances.
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