Types of bets, payouts in online roulette -- Table-game wagering

The various bets that can be played in roulette are interesting as they are easy to understand for most novice players. Here are the usual bets that are played with expected payout odds. The easier bets that give a nice return on what can be considered a 50/50 bet are found within the outside bets. Any choice of color bets on black or red, even or odd numbers, and low/high number groups all pay a 1:1 payout. These are the most common and also safe bets since you only have a 50/50 chance to get a win.

The next in this group is part of the inside bets.  The column or dozen bet is a better payout but the chance to win is 1/3 of the entire wheel. This pays 2:1 for a winning number in that group. Since there are 3 columns to choose, you now have a one-in-three chance to win. A six-line or double street can be chosen when you put your bet at the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd corners that connect 2 lines of numbered rows. This bet pays off at 5:1 and you can guess with a 16.22%  chance to win, it's still a great play. There is a 5 bet which is also called a basket bet. It's most likely the worst of the bets since it includes the zero and double zero (in the American roulette version only) this one is kind of a sucker bet so it's not worth playing at all.

A square bet or corner bet is when you connect four numbers at a corner. This pays a respected 8:1 payout with 10.81%  chance to win. A street bet also called a line bet is when you place you chip at the edge of the inside bet line. In the European version it can be placed between the zero and inside line numbers. This will pay 11:1 for that lucky number to hit.

A split number bet is similar to the street bet and you can place your chip between 2 numbers to get a combo that may hit with a 17:1 payout. The last bet is the single bet or also called the straight bet. The odds to win this are the highest at 35:1 so to win this lucky number you'll likely be in for some decent returns!

Even without the extra exotic combination options offered in French roulette, the standard game still has a number of ways players can wager to cover more of that wheel. Above we list a few types of bets the more in-the-know online roulette player employs.
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